Frequently asked questions


1. What‘s the price for minibus rent if the standard price for 24 hours is 180 Lt and the minibus is needed only for short distances (let‘s say, the total distance would be 240 km, Vilnius-Kaunas-Vilnius, but the minibus is taken for only one day)?

In such case the minibus rent for a day is 150-160 Lt for a MAXI minibus, that has 18 m3sized cargo space with a length of 4,50 m. The prices of smaller minibuses will accordingly be lower. The price includes road taxes for Lithuania.

2. What to do if you’ve paid for five days, but the journey has took half a day more due to bad weather of a fairy being late?

In such case you must inform us and the extra time will be FREE OF CHARGE!

3. How much does it cost to rent a minibus that has a standard prive of 180 Lt to transport furniture or commodities in the city of Vilnius, if the length of the journey is short?

The price of a minibus in Vilnius city is 120-130 Lt for 24 hours. If it’s required only for the time of day, it is 100 Lt.

4. What kind of documents should you have with yourself if you want to rent a means of transportation?

A valid driver’s license is required, as well as a document verifying the identity of the person (passport, personal identity card). If you wish to quicken the process of transferring a means of transportation before meeting in the agreed place, firstly bring with yourself copies of the above-mentioned documents.

5. Can we offer small prices for therent of minibuses or other means of transportation under exceptional circumstances?

Yes, we can arrange a deal for lower prices if you:

  • Will return an orderly and clean minibus or other means of transporation
  • Will drive a long distance during your rent.


6. What’s the cost for rent if the rent if fixed to start from the morning of the next day, but it’d be more convenient to take the car in the evening? Will it be necessary to pay extra for the night?

The rent for the means of transportation is counter from the morning, even if you’d take the minibus or car only in the evening. You won’t have to pay extra for the night.

 7. If you’ve driven an extra 2000 km during the time of rent and have paid for the exceeded distance and the minibus has been rented for five days, there is an opportunity to keep the means of transportation for an extra day. How much would that cost?

It won’t cost anything extra, because the exceeded distance has been paid for. In such case you may use the minibus for a few more days, if you wish to rest after the journey of take out your cargo without haste.