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We offer you various automobiles which are technically in tact and excellently taken care of in all of Lithuania.

Light car rent, passenger and freight minibus rent, minibus rent, trailer rent, possible not only in the biggest Lithuanian cities, but also in Riga and Talinat a time suitable for you.
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Minimal time of rent – 24 hours.

Requirements for the driver

The rented car can be driven by a person who has a valid drivers licence in accordance with international requirements and not less than 3 years of driving experience. The automobiles may be driven by persons who are of ages 21 and older. 

Documents and payments

When renting an car the person should present a passport and a valid driver‘s licence. While renting a more expensive automobile, it is needed to present credit cards that have been issued in the customer‘s name. It is possible to pay for the automobile rent by advanced payments, payment card or cash.

Territory in the car can be driven

The rented automobile may be driven in the whole territory of the European Union. Companies which have the required agreements may also use the automobile in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Our cars can be taken and returned in the centre of Vilnius or the Fabijoniškės or Pilaitė city districts with prior arrangement. We present the automobiles and minibuses during working hours free of charge and collect them from the Vilnius Airport after working hours.

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